Executive Club: New GOP Chair Art Robinson

executive-club.serendipityThumbGuest Speaker: Art Robinson, Oregon GOP Chair
Executive Club Meeting
7:00 pm • Wednesday October 2nd •
Portland Airport Shilo Inn
( Note the new start time! )

With the mess in Salem just a smaller version of the mess in DC,it’s a good thing we have some people with guts.A short while ago, with turmoil roiling the Oregon Republican Party,
our October speaker stepped up to fill the void and bring some peace. Meet Art Robinson. Nobody would have blamed him for wanting to stay home.

He’s raised his voice plenty of times to defend conservative values. Raised six kids on his own, all pursuing science like their dad. He’s gone to battle over the false Global Warming alarmism, launching a petition that has collected over 31,000 signatures from people with degrees in scientific disciplines, including over 9,000 PhDs. He’s got a professional resume that speaks determination and courage, beginning with co-founding the Linus Pauling Institute. And he’s stood twice in attempts to unseat Peter Defazio.

For all that, he’s been slanderously treated in the media.The left hates him so much that they even went after his kids, and that just breaks all the rules, if the left believed in rules.

Don’t miss his introduction to the Executive Club
Wednesday, October 2nd, 7:00pm

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Portland Airport Shilo Inn ~~ 11707 Northeast Airport Way
Bring a friend! ~~ $20 buffet option ~~ no host bar
And of course, the cigar room, afterward