True Pay-for-Performance – the Holy Grail of the Internet

I have a simple question. Why is there no one willing to help with some Internet marketing on a pure pay-for-performance basis? And I don’t mean pay for clicks — I mean pay for actual purchases.

Let me explain. I wrote what I believe to be a very sound little book on sales — Sales 101: Principles in Action. It even has its own website where you can read an excerpt, read some reviews, and order the book ( But, the sales book market is very crowded and I am having trouble breaking through.

What I propose is simply this: I want someone who is up on the latest in viral marketing, search engine optimization, book sales publicity, etc. to step forward and take on the promotion of this book. In return, I would pay them $0.50 per book sold from that point forward, regardless of how or why it was purchased. I am assuming their efforts will lead to increased sales. A simple, straightforward, and direct plan.

Any takers? Please visit the site, check out the reviews and excerpt, and then contact me if interested (see link on About the Author page).

It occurs to me that this should work. Everyone I ask, though, says it won’t. They all want money for results that are not in yet.

If this does work, what a success story someone will have to tell. They will have no shortage of new clients, either. Of that I am certain.