Don’t dis-incorporate Damascus

By Taxpayer Association of OregonWatchdog

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC endorses a NO vote on 3-433 which is an an attempt to dis-incorporate the City of Damascus and the taxpayer protections enacted by voters.  IF you live in Damascus or have a friend who does, please read this article.

We have consistently supported the tax limiting measures that have passed in the city of Damascus and are now enshrined in the city charter.

Damascus is unique and so is their charter.
Damascus has a charter requiring no taxation without consent of the voters.

Damascus must have citizens approve a city plan before submission to Metro or the state.

Damascus has a citizen controlled spending and debt limit.

Damascus has a charter guaranteeing citizens the right to the initiative process without city imposed limits.

Damascus has these rights due to the hard work and smart voting of their citizens.

The members of the committee trying to destroy your charter also worked against each of the aforementioned rights and now see their only chance at ending local control

Because of the citizens city charter, Damascus is among the most transparent city government in the state and stands as a safeguard against the state and Metro in their seemingly endless efforts to tax, spend and regulate lives.

Keep your independence, Keep Damascus.