NW Congresswoman: No pay until shutdown fixed

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Washington Republican Congresswoman Jamie Herrera has decided to dedicate 100% of her salary to charity until the government shutdown is fixed.  Congresswoman Jamie Herrera also issued this statement today on the shutdown:

Despite my skepticism, until now I have refrained from public comment on the House budget negotiating strategy.  I wanted to give House Republican leaders leeway to craft the best deal they could.  But it’s time to reopen the government and ensure we don’t default on our debt. I will not vote for poison pills that have no chance of passing the Senate or being signed into law.

“Make no mistake — I have consistently opposed the Affordable Care Act, because it harms more people than it helps and it makes promises that the nation cannot afford to keep.  But this President will not bend or compromise on this issue even if the shutdown lasts until the end of his term, and this continued fighting is making it less likely that we can make progress on this issue or on improving our economy or lowering our debt.

“This does not mean surrendering on the issue of the Affordable Care Act.  I believe that the case will become clearer about the damage the Affordable Care Act is doing to our economy and our health care system.  With time, and with new leadership in D.C. we can change that Act.  But this shutdown is hurting our cause, not helping it.

“If this shutdown lasts much longer, negative impacts could be widespread.  We are being told that veterans’ earned benefits will soon stop if the shutdown persists.  The contingency funds that have supported food assistance for low income women, infants and children will be gone soon. Fishermen’s livelihoods are at stake as they can’t get the NOAA permits to harvest crabs and other fish, making narrow fishing seasons even narrower.

“In Longview, Washington, people who are critically injured must now wait for life flights to come from Oregon.  The local hospital’s helicopter can’t get FAA certification during a shutdown. I can’t stand by and let this happen any longer.

“Like it or not, the White House and Senate have blocked House efforts to address the issues with the Affordable Care Act.  Nothing positive will be achieved by prolonging this shutdown any longer, or crossing the debt limit threshold.  It’s time for my colleagues to face reality.”