Representative Matt Wingard: More climate change doomsday

By State Representative Matt Wingard,

This month I attended the annual meeting of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) held in Boise, Idaho (Nice town). PNWER is made up of private sector CEOs and legislators from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan who get together and solve regional energy, trade and transportation problems. As you can imagine “climate change” is a big issue and was brought up a number of times at the conference. I spent most of my time in a windowless room with 20 other legislators learning about Energy Policy. However, I was struck by a moment during lunch on the second day. There were about 500 attendees gathered in the main room to hear our lunch-time speaker.

At one point, our speaker asked those of us in the audience who believed in man-caused global warming to raise our hands. Bear in mind that the room was half politicians and half business leaders. It was also nearly half Canadians, and British Columbia had recently passed a carbon tax.

It looked to me like slightly less than half of the room raised their hand.

I was shocked and disappointed.

Shocked that so many smart, intelligent people understood how dangerous the “Global Climate Change” movement is and delighted that so many had the courage to say so (even if it was at a far away conference). We were clearly the silent majority but the call for action on Climate Change persisted throughout the conference. The phrase I heard most often was something along the lines of “It’s so far along that we have to find a way to make Cap and Trade work” or “It’s inevitable” or “Something politically is going to happen, so we had better prepare”.

How about “Hell No!”?

That’s why I was so disappointed.

After more than a decade of scary “evidence” and Doomsday predictions that man-made carbon emissions will shortly destroy the Earth so many smart people still see it for what it is–propaganda, the misuse of science and dogma.

…But the regulations and economic restrictions move forward.

If everyone in that room who opposed Cap and Trade had the courage to fight it publicly, state and federal legislation wouldn’t stand a chance.

Folks, your elected officials are mostly cowards. I’m not stating that as a judgment. I’m telling you that as a fact. Politicians mostly lead parades. They don’t organize them.

Your elected officials and local business leaders need to hear from everyone who opposes the radical Green agenda. Their courage comes from us.

There was hope in that room in Boise. You’re not alone in the fight to save capitalism, free markets and honest scientific inquiry.

What our side needs is more courage.

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