Oregon school district allows teachers to carry guns

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by Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog

A school district in Oregon is allowing teachers to concealed carry guns in the classroom if they have a permit. The St. Helens School Board voted 4-1 to allow teachers to pack heat if they want. The new rule affects seven schools.

Here’s the story on The Daily Caller: TEACHER GET YOUR GUN

PACKING HEAT: Teachers in some Oregon schools are given the OK to carry guns.

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  • JacklordGOD

    I can’t see it as a good day if my daughter came home and said “Johnny tried to hold the class hostage, but Mrs. Simmons got the drop on him, and I got an A on my spelling test!”.

    That said it is quite clear the “gun free schools zone” idea would only been seen as a success in a school district run by the Khmer Rouge School.

    • thevillageidiot

      Jack, that would have been a good day. your daughter did not get shot. 🙂

      • JacklordGOD

        Oh I know. I am for teachers carrying guns if they want to. However I think it would be a good idea to take a look at “gee, why all the school shootings in recent years”

        I frankly think the gun free schools zone is a big part of that. However I also am a realist. When I was in school, they didn’t have gun free school zones. Yet it was also true that no one seriously thought there was a whole lot of armed resistance to be had in any given school.

        People might be deterred from school shot ups by armed teachers. That’s part of the solution. However I would also like to take a look at how we got here. We didn’t get here by declaring “gun free school zones” . That simply exacerbated the problem. We didn’t get here by people owning guns, that has been going on for some time.

        I think frankly we got here because we are raising a society of idiots. School is simply day care, virtually nothing is learned. Boredom turns to bullying as the kids have little else to do. What do all these kids have in common? Kip Kinkle? Dylan Kleibold? Adam Lanza? No I am not going to look up how to spell their names, I don’t care, but every last one of them looks like someone who was ostracized at school and likely was bored to death of it.

        If we started thinking of school more as a place to educate rather than a jobs program for teachers and day care for the parents, we might get somewhere.

        We spend as much on K-12 education as the defense department budget. It’s about time we started getting as upset about ridiculous graduation rates as we do a $500 toilet seat. Because I can tell you, for that $500 we did get a toilet seat. For thousands more we don’t seem to be getting education.

  • Dick

    Whoever posted the picture of the teacher should know better. No finger on the trigger until you have acquired the target! But good for St. Helens too.

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