Oregon GOP launches new TV Ads. Thank a Republican.

ORP TV ad starting Today highlights Republican accomplishments
New website created to capitalize on new technology
By Oregon State Republican Party,

Portland, Ore. — Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan today announced a new television ad campaign focused on significant Republican contributions to our country and our state’s history. The ad, entitled “Thank You,” can be viewed here: www.thankyourepublicans.com. Starting today, this targeted television ad campaign will run on broadcast and cable in markets across Oregon.

Thank You Republicans from Oregon Republican Party on Vimeo.

“The Republican Party, in Oregon and nationally, has been at the forefront of many of our state and country’s greatest accomplishments. At a time when our state and country are facing some of the most serious challenges in our history, this ad will educate and inform Oregonians of the strong legacy of the Republican Party,” said Chairman Bob Tiernan. “The core Republican principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government and promoting freedom are needed now more than ever to address the serious issues confronting our state and country. As they have in the past, I am confident that it will be Republican ideas and leadership that will guide us back into prosperity,” concluded Chairman Tiernan.

The new ad will also be featured on the ORP’s updated website: www.oregonrepublicanparty.org.

The new website was updated to incorporate new technology features including video, audio and social networking tools that will grant visitors more access to up-to-date information and opportunities to interact with the ORP.

SCRIPT — “Thank You”
Time: 00:30

Girl on beach: “Thank you for protecting our state beaches.”

Student on campus: “Thanks for electing the first African American congressman.”

Girl at track: “Thank you for nominating the first female Supreme Court Justice.”

Man in yard: “Thanks for keeping taxes low.”

Man fishing in river: “Thank you for creating the world’s first national park.”

Girl at coast: “Thank you for helping make America the land of the free.”

All: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Voice: “There are so many things we have to be thankful for, thanks to the Republican Party.”

Announcer: “The Oregon Republican Party is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

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