Ben Pollock running for for U.S. Congress (CD-5)

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Ben Pollock for for U.S. Congress

Wilsonville, OR: Today, former congressional staffer and veteran campaigner Ben Pollock, a 4th generation Oregonian and Republican, announced his candidacy for Congress in the Fifth District, challenging incumbent Democrat Kurt Schrader. Pollock’s campaign will represent all the voters of the district, and will introduce successful Republican campaign strategies that have not previously been seen in Oregon. When he goes to Congress, Ben will be a champion for economic prosperity, liberty, small business and the entrepreneurial spirit that make Oregon and America special places to call home.

The 28-year-old Pollock stated, “I’m running because I’m a member of the generation that’s facing the brunt of the negative effects of Obamacare, this administration’s economically destructive policies, and Congress’ inability to function. I’m relatively young, but I was fortunate enough to spend two eye-opening years in Washington where I studied public policy in graduate school and had the opportunity to work at the Capitol. This experience allowed me to see firsthand the dysfunction of Congress and the games professional politicians play with our lives in order to score cheap political points. I help run my family business, but I’m not sure I could start a small business today from scratch, with economic policies that are holding back our economy. Kurt Schrader went to DC on the claim that he would be a different type of politician. Instead, he’s fit right in with the inside the beltway crowd.”

Pollock elaborated on his website, saying, “We can all agree that Washington could use a dose of reality, and it’s not going to come from these professional politicians with self-serving agendas. Washington will only change if we elect citizen legislators; people who go to Congress, serve, then come back to live under the laws they pass. That’s why I pledge to you that should I win, I will not serve more than two terms in Congress. Instead of worrying about raising money, cozying up to interest groups, and endlessly running for reelection, I’ll be listening to you and working with my colleagues in Congress to restore your faith in our institutions and our country to prosperity.”

A veteran of Senate and Presidential campaigns, Pollock has seen what a successful Republican campaign looks like. While he knows that the voters of Oregon are far different from those in red states, Pollock has led effective ground games for Republican candidates, and wishes to bring that campaign structure to Oregon politics. Pollock says he will assemble the best staff available, concentrating on social media mastery, expertise in big data and microtargeting, and grassroots campaigning that will allow the voters of the district to get to know him one on one.

Pollock is running on the themes of economic prosperity, free market solutions, and problem solving via public policy that actually works.

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