Conger leads, Merkley follows


Conger – Merkley

Conger for U.S. Senate

PORTLAND, ORE – Less than 48 hours after Rep. Jason Conger (R-Bend) called on Senator Jeff Merkley to support efforts by Republicans and Senate Democrats to delay implementation of Obamacare, Merkley reacted.

As reported in Roll Call, Senator Jeff Merkley on Tuesday added his name to a letter asking the Obama administration to extend the open enrollment period under Obamacare to allow more time for individuals to sign up for health insurance through an online health exchange.

According to news reports, exchanges in Oregon and across the country have failed to work and few, if any, individuals or families have been able to purchase health insurance through the online exchanges. Under Obamacare’s individual mandate, any person who is uninsured will be required to pay penalty taxes starting in March.

“Senator Merkley must have known for years that people would not get to keep their existing health insurance and were going to be hit with tax penalties under Obamacare if they did not buy health insurance on an exchange, but he stayed silent and did nothing until someone called him on it,” Conger said. “People want leaders who have vision and will fight for them. Jeff Merkley consistently fails to stand up for Oregonians on his own initiative and blindly follows Senate leadership and special interests.”

Rep. Conger represents HD 54 in the Oregon Legislature and is a candidate for the Republican nomination to challenge Merkley in 2014.