Book takes on Brabury and his climate change theories


Former secretary of state Bill Bradbury continues to travel throughout Oregon, presenting an alarmist view of future global warming and climate change. A disciple of Al Gore, Bradbury’s presentation has been criticized by scientists as full of scientific errors, misleading interpretation of climate events, and outright falsehoods designed to indoctrinate children and influence public policy and legislation.

But in a new booklet just released, Bradbury’s presentation is exposed as a political statement calculated to influence a vast array of political policies. Each of his claims is compared to the latest scientific findings, showing how Bradbury blurs truth into fiction. The booklet is an entertaining guide and fascinating study of how propaganda can be powerfully persuasive, until debunked through critical thinking and the light of “Ėœinconvenient’ facts. The booklet is targeted at the general public, with the science presented in conversational language that even high schoolers will enjoy. It’s a must-read for those concerned with intrusive legislation, such as cap-and-trade, and parents concerned with indoctrination of Oregon’s schoolchildren by state officials.The booklet is available for download at

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  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      A dork

  • Rupert in Springfield

    You know, I have heard about the Bill Bradbury show tour. Apparently it has been met with a lot of protests from AGW believers that are angered that this man who is not a scientist, who has not written any peer reviewed papers and who in fact has no scientific background in climatology of any serious nature is running around giving his opinions as fact.

    Oh sorry, that was a dream I had about a place called “Consistency Land”

    • Larry Logan


      I’m not interested in making an ad hominem attack on Bradbury for being a politician or presenting his views.

      One of the techniques of global warming alarmists is to attack the personality of a climate realist. “Oh, his sister got a contract in the 1990s from an oil company.”

      It would serve the public better to simply challenge any of the proofs that I have shown where Bradbury is misleading and outright false. You didn’t address any of the 32-pages of critical analysis on Bradbury’s presentation.

      When Bradbury’s assistant saw the booklet prior to one of his talks, she opened up Bradbury’s PowerPoint and threw out half the slides as she quickly looked through the pages. (She was so frantic that she didn’t even think that she was doing this in front of a large audience.)

      If Bradbury felt his presentation was accurate, why the need to hide slides that were now being shown to be false?


  • Scottiebill

    Bradbury has been genuflecting at AlGore’s feet like a Muslim in a mosque since before he left the SecState’s office last January. It has gotten so bad that if AlGore ever turns around very quickly, Bradbury would get his neck broken.

  • billsbro

    As a first cousin of Bill and a man that was at one time considered his “brother” (Bill spent close to half of his childhood in my family home in Swarthmore Pa – a fact he hides on his website) I can say that Bill at one time was a decent man. Now he is nothing more than a person who will do anything he can to feed his ego, including sell out his family. Bill wants to be the next Governor of Oregon so bad that he will do anything he can to keep his name in the publics eye. As to the “climate change” stuff, Bill is clueless and is nothing more than a recorder for repeating what Gore tells him to say. He has no formal training whatsoever and no expertise. It is also interesting to note that in his 8 years as Sec of State, there were many times he was off giving climate presentations during a normal work day. When I asked him how he could do this, his response to me was that he “had good staff”. This truly demonstrates that Bill will just take Oregonians money and go off and do what he wishes. He is clueless on the environment and would be even more clueless as the Governor of Oregon. It’s really just all about Bill.

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