“Run for Cover Oregon” delays Kitzhaber re-election

“Run for Cover Oregon” & Columbia River Crossing (CRC) failures delaying Kitzhaber campaignWatchdog
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Kitzhaber plans to run for governor. He’s even raising money but is unexpectedly late to announce. Capitol insiders are already saying that his announcement is being delayed by being blindsided by the Cover Oregon crisis (we so name Cover Oregon “Run-for-Cover-Oregon”). Cover Oregon was supposed to be the national example because Oregon started early and aggressive and took in more federal funding than every other state, except four. After spending $82 million and not enrolling a single person a month and half later, “Run for Cover Oregon” has officially made national news for being among the worst states (see Cover Oregon failure national news)

At firs,t Kitzhaber hired 100 people to bypass the ($82 million) website and to instead process paperwork by hand. Then the number grew to 400 helpers. Less known, is the December 31st deadline where 10,000 Oregonians in the high risk pool will be dropped. They are supposed to use the Cover Oregon website to make the change but currently can’t.  Currently different populations of people are facing deadlines, fines and cancellations  with no working website.  The multi-level disaster must have governor Kitzhaber in a panic.

Then there is Columbia River Crossing Bridge (CRC) fiasco. Kitzhaber is scrambling to fix this financial disaster after Washington killed the project later this year. The Willamette Week issued a report that all the latest developments on CRC are all bad (here).  It appears Washington is trying to re-kill the zombie project while Oregon invents new far-reaching legal and money schemes to bring it back to life.

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