Knute Buehler announces candidacy for Oregon house

Knute Buehler_thb

BEND, Ore. – This morning, Dr. Knute Buehler, former candidate for Secretary of State, business owner and surgeon from Bend Oregon, announced his candidacy for House District 54 in 2014. Official paperwork will be filed this week with the Oregon Election Division under the PAC name Buehler for a United Oregon.

Dr. Buehler will hold a campaign kickoff event on Tuesday, December 3, at 6:00pm at the Deschutes Brewery, Mountain Room, where he will expand on his decision to run. He plans to discuss issues facing Bend as well as the state including, improving our education system, health care transformation, creating a smarter more sustainable government, and election reform – all of which will be a main focus during the campaign and in office if he is elected.

What’s clear is that our government is missing opportunities and avoiding challenges. Oregon’s budget has tripled over the past 20 years, yet we see a declining education system, lack of infrastructure and lack of opportunity,” states Dr. Buehler.

He will draw attention to what he calls, “a new day in Oregon politics – a day where politicians put aside their bickering and unite to produce a better Oregon”

“We must remember that in order for our democracy to thrive, we must reach across the aisle and find common ground.”

Dr. Buehler is a prominent and respected member of the Bend community; he is a long-time business owner, well-known surgeon, community contributor and a committed father and husband.

A number of prominent Bend leaders have already endorsed Dr. Buehler:

Amy Tykeson, President, CEO and Chairperson, BendBroadband –  “Economic development and giving back to the community are two areas that mean a lot to me. I support Knute Buehler and his decision to run for Representative of Bend in the Oregon House. As an integral part of the Bend community, he understands what we need—education, business development and policy reform. In Knute, we have a passionate leader, focused on results for a better Bend.”

Bruce Abernethy, Former Mayor and City Council Member, City of Bend  – “Knute Buehler would be a uniting and pragmatic representative for Bend and all of Oregon. After serving eight years on Bend’s City Council, I’ve come away with the knowledge that we need strong leadership in our state and city government. Not just leaders looking at the current political scene, but leaders that have the foresight to see what will most benefit our community and state in the long term. Knute brings this vision.”

Tammy Baney, Deschutes County Commissioner  – “As Deschutes County Commissioner, I have witnessed an immense need for reform in education, and health care. Having someone like Dr. Knute Buehler elected to represent Bend would hugely benefit the state. Dr. Buehler’s background as a surgeon and business owner would bring a unique perspective to the table, which is much needed.”

Rod Ray, Ph.D., P.E., CEO and Chairman, Bend Research  – “I’m a strong believer in fostering new leadership in Oregon politics, and Knute Buehler is the man to provide this much needed change in Salem. It’s time for a new day in our state government and that’s why I support Knute Buehler. He will bring a new voice to Salem, one that truly represents the people of Bend.”

Mike Hollern, Chief Executive Officer and Chair, Brooks Resources Corporation – “I’ve known Knute a long time, and can say without a shadow of a doubt that he is the right candidate to foster a new day in Oregon politics and for Bend. In the world of real estate development, similar to the political spectrum, we see many businesses and developers come and go in this community. But, Knute is committed to Bend and Oregon, and will work hard to accomplish our shared goals.”