Norma Paulus endorses Knute Buehler for Secretary of State

Former Secretary of State Endorses Potential Successor

PORTLAND, Oregon – Norma Paulus, Oregon’s last Republican Secretary of State, has officially endorsed Knute Buehler’s bid for Oregon Secretary of State in 2012.  Paulus was the first female to hold that office in Oregon. Speaking of Dr. Buehler’s candidacy, Mrs. Paulus said, “Knute is a great person. He’ll make an excellent Secretary of State.” “Knute’s a smart, pragmatic, caring person who excels at everything he does.  Oregon is lucky to have someone of his caliber running for Secretary of State,” continued Paulus. “I’m thrilled Knute is running and happy to give him my endorsement.”

Paulus’s endorsement at this stage in the campaign is a signal to opponents that Buehler is a very credible challenger.

“Norma is a political icon in Oregon. She is the first woman to win a statewide election, the first woman to become a member of Portland’s Lion’s Club, and the first woman to hold the office of Secretary of State,” said Buehler when asked about the endorsement. “Since she left office she has worked hard to allow non-affiliated voters to participate in our primary elections. We see eye to eye on that and many other important issues facing Oregonians today like job creation and government accountability. We are grateful to have her support and encouragement.”

Knute Buehler officially launched his campaign for Oregon Secretary of State in November 2011. He has already raised over $450,000 for his candidacy and received endorsements from other key political figures.