Dr. Monica Wehby invites Merkley to PSU Obamacare forum

Dr Monica Wehby_thb

Dr. Monica Wehby For U.S. Senate

Portland, Oregon: Today, the campaign of Dr. Monica Wehby hand delivered a letter to the Portland office of Senator Merkley inviting him to join her at a public forum with college students at Portland State University to discuss the Affordable Care Act this Saturday at 7:00pm.

It has been nearly three months since Senator Merkley has held a public forum with the voters of Oregon according to his official website. Seeing as how President Obama has recently launched a tour of the country to explain the failures and his solutions to the Affordable Care Act it is only logical that Senator Merkley should do the same here in Oregon.

Oregon is considered by many to be the poster child for the misfortunes of the Affordable Care Act’s implementation. 150,000 people have lost their insurance. The head of Cover Oregon has now left the agency under a cloud of mismanagement. Oregonians still don’t have a functional website to enroll in coverage. The people of this state deserve to hear directly from their representatives about their involvement in this debacle and their plan to fix it.