Lars Larson: Does Canada have answer for Post Office problems?


by Lars Larson

America’s postal system is in trouble. But now Canada may have found the answer.

America’s postal service is in trouble. It’s on track to lose billions of dollars every year, and the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t seem to be able to stop that slide to the bottom. I’ve suggested that the whole thing should be put up on the auction block, and sold off to somebody who can run it – either profitably or preferably without a multi-billion dollar loss.

Well now Canada has announced that it will phase out home delivery of mail in urban centers in the next five years.

They say that will save at least a half a billion dollars a year. I understand – they’re a smaller country than ours – they also plan to eliminate six to eight thousand jobs in the next five years, and do most of it through attrition.

America should pay attention. Even though the U.S. Postal Service is technically independent, taxpayers are still on the hook if they run up a big tab and they can’t pay the bill.

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  • Bob Clark

    The elimination of Saturday delivery, maybe one other day, should be o.k. with most folks I should think (even proposed by the Post Master Genera but rejected so far by Congress). I also like the idea of going to a bank of mail boxes for each neighborhood block, and these already exist in some newer communities.

  • lulzpdx

    Yes, if you provide no service at all you can save a small mint on employee costs.

  • Ardbeg

    Typical Lars Lies story, nothing about funding out to 75 years their retires health care, nothing about the USPS was profitable until 2006 when the Grand Ole White Party F’d it up, nothing about the (pre-pay payment hasn’t been made since 2011) because the surplus is equal to their defecit, nothing about how the USPS had a first quarter profit in 2013 (most recent data). Just the typical lies to fit his narrative. Had the pleasure to school him several times on his show. Unfortunately I have an actual career and can’t just sit around collecting unemployment and listen to his crud. Got a few days around the Holidays, might be time to take Ole Lars to task!

    • .

      You’re such a Lutefisk monument to just say d’oh to retArtbeg!

      Peas on you and a load of Kremlin deli caveat on your Demwit persona that defiles commoner sense.

    • ,

      Ardbeg, aka, Theodore. Yap, seems so!

  • Dorene

    It is a great idea. Who needs the mail anyway? A bunch of losers.

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