Lars Larson: Israel has the solution to our immigration problem

by Lars Larson

Standing here on the other side of the world in Jerusalem, I see a solution for America’s immigration problem.

Here is the solution I see to America’s so-called immigration problem. We have an immigration system. It works – despite what an awful lot of politically correct people will tell you. It works because it allows people, more than a million, to legally immigrate to the country every year.

But we have a problem of people coming across our border illegally. You know how to solve it? Israel’s already come up with a solution. The way they solved it – they put up a fence and a wall.

It’s almost 500 miles long. It cost several billion dollars, and that’s an expensive price tag, but can you imagine what it would keep on the other side?

The violence from Mexico – the illegal guns from Mexico, that our government sent down there – the drug dealing and the drug supply from Mexico – and of course all those illegal workers taking American jobs.

If a little country like Israel can do it, the United States can certainly do it.

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