Top 10 reasons Gov. Kitzhaber wants 4th term

John Kitzhaber_thb

by NW Spotlight

10. His parents always told him, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…and again…and again…

9. SEIU threatened to send a mob to his house if he didn’t.

8. He vowed to stay on the job until Cover Oregon succeeded, and processing all those applications by hand may take a while.

7. Rudy Crew still needs him as a reference for his next job.

6. Who wants to be an emergency room doctor with all these crazy health care changes?

5. Someone else might actually try to do true PERS reform sometime between now and 2019.

4. The thought of a Kulongoski comeback made him violently ill.

3. No Democrat has ever received a campaign contribution from George Soros, failed to do his bidding and lived to tell the tale.

2. Because whoever ran this state from 1995 to 2003 sure did a terrible job!

1. He wouldn’t want to see the state suddenly become governable and someone else get all the credit.

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  • Noble Durham

    11. Cylvia threatened divorce if he didn’t run again.

    • Noble Durham

      Run Logan run, make your mom (Sharon) proud by NOT endorsing your brain challenged dad reposing in the Cylvia ICU.

  • james

    He was a dunce the first time and it still holds true now.

    • DavidAppell

      And yet still no Republican can beat him. That makes them even lesser dunces.

  • Bob Clark

    12. He wants to become Oregon’s number 1 Keystone Cop of all time. CIM/CAM, OHP lottery system round 1, ODOT computer blowup, Rudy Crew, Cover-up Oregon, and Climate Change in a Global Cooling Cycle.

    Yes, smartest man around, able to convince himself of fixes only as good as the paper they are written on.

    • Noble Durham


  • DavidAppell

    Re #9 — lying will not do much for OC’s reputation. No wonder you have no influence.

    • .

      There goes Appell who continues to spew his froth at OC when BlueOregon loves him so much they’re reclined to award a Theodore-of-the-mouth award every time the pinhead senor winces twit’ches.

      • DavidAppell

        It’s flattering that you think Blue Oregon likes me, but actually I don’t read that site, and I doubt they even know who I am. Nice try, though.

        • .

          You and ardbeg, too, condemn OC and Lars Larson, yet deny affiliation with BlueOregon?

          What the fork on a tableau mon, that sounds like a side-stepping Hillary Clinton “what does it matter” diversionary slapstick-the-face tactic. .

          • DavidAppell

            Argh, BlueOregon done blew a gasket, and you’re still bringing up its rear. Proof, man, is in the pudding only on the weekends, yah?

          • .

            Hey berk! If you were presented a Yorkshire Terrier instead of Yorkshire Pudding you’d probably become aware of the difference only after sticking a fork in it and it retaliates by biting your grotty arse. .

          • DavidAppell

            Sorry, pal, I don’t read Blue Oregon, I don’t write for them, I don’t follow them, and I never have. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • .

            Perhaps your comments posted here should relayed over there. Enter sound of stifled moan.

    • Cousin_it

      and you take The Onion as gospel.

      • DavidAppell

        Of course — everyone knows The Onion is gospel, and about as true, too.

  • WashCoIndy

    #13. Afraid Feds will raise retirement age to 70

  • Myke

    #14 So that David Appell has something to crow about.

  • Karol

    This brave and strong man has helped me with my problems. From him I get free counseling, free room, free food, free health care and dental and vision, too, free transportation, and other payments and help that I need from time to time. I can’t work – it just doesn’t suit me, so without men like him who care for people like me, where would I be??? Certainly not living like I do now.

    • Ciao

      Gourmet snack for what’s Left of US:
      Blend equal parts of Karol’s sappy syrup with David Appell sauce, pour the mix onto copious amounts of Kitzhaber kraut atop a foot-en-mouth Anthony wiener lodged in a Cyvia TheOnion bun. Voila! Mm-mm-good says SOS Kate and cohort Tina tutu.

      • 3H

        LOL.. you have no idea, do you, that Karol is being sarcastic. Priceless. Says everything about you that anyone needs to know. If you’re what’s Right of the US, then we are truly in pain.

        • Ciao Bytes Z. Tung

          Karol, et al, obviously ‘sarcastic’ – yet many left wing pinheads with room temp IQ’s will suck up the scatology and continue blindly supporting the stuff falling from a couple of snookering serial liars, e.g., BHO and HRC.

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