Oregon state Sen. Larry George announces retirement

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Sen. Larry George

Salem, OR – After two terms, Oregon State Senator Larry George (R-Sherwood) announced today he will not seek re-election in 2014.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Senate District 13,” said George. “Since my election to the Oregon Senate I have gotten married and my wife and I now have two beautiful daughters. I realized that this is the time in our life for family.”

During his time in office, Senator George played a pivotal role in enacting the largest small business tax cut in Oregon history. He also brought greater transparency and accountability to transportation funding by requiring transportation budgets to specifically identify how public funds will be utilized. In addition to these successes, Senator George worked to fundamentally change the policy conversation surrounding the state budget to include “All Funds,” not just the “General Fund,” which gives lawmakers a better framework to address the entire state’s budget , instead of just a part.

“When I entered the Senate in 2007 there were 19 Democrats and only 11 Republicans. With such lop-sided power, bitter partisanship and ideological extremism controlled the Senate. I worked hard during recent elections to move the Oregon Senate to a more balanced 16 Democrats and 14 Republicans – this forced much more bi-partisan cooperation and ultimately led to successes for Oregonians,” stated George.

“All of these successes were made possible by the team approach the Senate takes to the business of the state,” said George. “I encourage my colleagues to keep up the spirit of cooperation which has led to so many great outcomes for Oregonians.”

With his brother, George is the founder and owner of the largest hazelnut processing company in the country. For the 2013 Legislative Session George was elected by his caucus to serve as a Deputy Caucus Leader.

Senator George has represented Senate District 13 since 2007. He lives in Sherwood with his wife and two daughters, ages 4 and 2. He is the son of former State Senator Gary George and the son-in-law of former State Senator Rod Johnson. His daughters are seventh generation Oregonians, and are unique in Oregon history as their father and both of their grandfathers served in the Oregon State Senate.