Conservative talk show host to run for Oregon House

Bill Post_thb

Bill Post for State Representative

Keizer, OR – Bill Post, conservative talk show host on 1430 KYKN in Keizer, Oregon, announced today that he registered to run as a Republican candidate for Oregon House District 25, since Representative Kim Thatcher (R) has announced she is running to replace the retiring Senator Larry George (R) in Senate District 13.

“I love Oregon and I want to make a difference in people’s lives” said Post today.  “I have been so fortunate to have Representative Kim Thatcher (R) as my State Representative and now I am thrilled and want to continue, and even extend the great work she has already done over the past ten years in our district.”

Representative Kim Thatcher (R) said, “I have enjoyed my many, many chats with Bill Post on his radio show and found him to be extremely valuable to Oregon and the people of the 25th District.  He has insight and understands the needs of Oregon and its people and I am proud to endorse and support Bill for House District 25 in 2014!”

Post further said, “I am a small government, low taxes, fiscal and social Conservative Republican, and much like the good people of Keizer, St. Paul, Newberg and all of House District 25, I am very concerned with the direction our state has gone, under what has effectively been one-party rule for more than twenty-five years.   In the last five years of talking, interviewing, and engaging with folks on the radio, I have come to understand that the people of Oregon are tired of the same old politicians.  I am NOT a politician, I am a working man who wants my family, friends, and neighbors to succeed and prosper”.

Bill Post’s broadcasting career spans thirty years, with the last five years focused on the unique role of interviewing state and national legislators, analyzing Oregon politics, and reporting on every significant policy that has come before the legislature.  Based on that experience, Post has concluded; “There’s so much more that should be done by our legislature to get our state back on track, and I am running for election because I am ready to get to work for the people in my House District 25.  I love Oregon and want to make a difference in people’s lives.”