Lars Larson: Members of Congress Need to Get a Grip on Themselves

I really think the Democrat members of Congress need to get a grip on themselves on these Town Hall meetings. Last week, Congressman Brian Baird from Washington State said the kind of mood and language being used by protestors at his Town Hall meetings was reminiscent of the kind of language that drove Tim McVey to bomb the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Are you kidding?

He’s suggesting it’s a lynch mob mentality; that these people are “brown shirts”. He’s even compared them to the Nazi’s.

The White House isn’t much better. The White House wants people to turn each other in if they are saying anything negative about the President’s plans. This is craziness.

This is democracy in action.

How is it that during the entire Bush Administration protest and dissent was patriotic, and now all of a sudden if you shout at a Congressman he has to run screaming for his life.

These guys are like little girls. Get a grip on yourselves!

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