Does the media have an anti-Christian bias?

by Maria Kelso | The Heritage Foundation

In Prodigal Press: Confronting the Anti-Christian Bias of the American News Media, Warren Cole Smithjournalist and authorexplains how a liberal worldview has pervaded America’s mainstream media and how its anti-Christian worldview is influencing American society.

“Mass media is dominant in our culture today, and it has a profound impact on the way we think,” Smith said at a recent Heritage event.

According to Smith, many of America’s most well-known 19th-century newspapers openly professed Christianity. Smith explained that even the New York Times’ founder was a Christian who opposed abortion in the editorial and news section of his newspaper.

Over the past 150 years, Smith asserted that progressive ideology and changes in politics, technology, and culture have permeated America’s news media, creating a strong anti-Christian bias.

“The Times, today, regularly editorializes in favor of same-sex marriage and abortion,” Smith said.

“Recently, Times columnist Thomas Friedman equated the Tea Party to Hezbollah. FellowTimes columnist Joe Nocera did him one better, saying ‘Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people,’” Smith explained.

Smith believes that Christians must be engaged, “I believe that journalism is the air war of our time. … I continue to believe that while we may be few in number, with God’s help, we will be enough.”

The author of numerous books, Smith is the associate publisher of WORLD magazine, publisher and editor of WORLD news service, a news organization dedicated to providing accurate stories from a Christian perspective, and contributor to one of the world’s most widely used college journalism textbooks, Public Relations.


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  • 3H

    “…explains how a liberal worldview has pervaded America’s mainstream media and how its anti-Christian worldview is influencing American society.”

    ““The Times, today, regularly editorializes in favor of same-sex marriage and abortion,” Smith said.

    Evidently Mr. Smith believes that Christians can’t have a liberal world view, be pro-choice, or pro-gay marriage.

    The only anti-Christian bias I see is Mr. Smith’s, who evidently believes that only people who share his particular, and narrow, definition of Christianity can truly be called Christians.

    • guest
      • 3H

        Is that the definitive website for all things Christian? The final word? All sects and denominations accept its authority? WOW! If only they’d had that in the 16th century, we wouldn’t have had the Reformation or the Wars of Religion that followed.

        I’m sure glad that you cleared that up for me.

        • guest.

          Dunk you very much…in the River Jordan, pilgrim. >;~)=)

          • 3H

            At one level, however, you are right. Although I don’t think you intended to be. What defines a Christian is acceptance of Jesus as savior, not a particular stand on abortion or gay marriage. In fact, that makes Mr. Smith even more anti-Christian in his hubris, and his willingness to assume God’s role in judging who is worthy and who is not. I can’t imagine anything for blasphemous, can you?

          • guest

            “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

            ~ James 4:8

            Not likely to see that on a lead banner at any of PDX’s June Parades.

          • 3H

            Why would you think that is necessary? Do you believe you can only be a Christian if you were your faith on your sleeve?

          • guest

            “Some things have to be believed to be seen.”
            ~ Ralph Hodgson

          • 3H

            More than slightly ironic when you’re talking about matters of faith.

          • guest

            Sayeth the mon with more devilish details stitched in his ID than most Michael Mooreons attending a Jeremiah Wright sermon on mounting US.

  • Irv Spielberg

    Jesus predicted that just before His return as Judge, there will be a
    strange, dangerous fad – a spontaneous global steamroller notable for
    its speed, violence, and impudent in-your-face openness. In Luke 17 He
    called this worldwide craze the
    repeat of the “days of Lot” (see Genesis 19). By fulfilling this
    worldwide mania that’s secretly coordinated by unseen spirit beings,
    gays are really hurrying up Christ’s return and making the Bible even
    more believable!

    They’ve actually invented strange architecture: closets opening not on
    to bedrooms but on to Main Streets where kids can see naked men having
    sex in “Madam” Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco Brothel District. We wonder
    how soon S.F.’s underground saint – San Andreas – will get a 10-point
    jolt out of what goes on over his head (see the dire prediction about
    cities in Revelation 16:19, and Google “Obama Supports Public
    What’s really scary is the “reprobate mind” phrase
    in Romans 1:28. A person can sear his conscience so much that God
    finally turns him over to S, the universal evil leader whose unseen
    agents can give a “possessed” person super-human strength that many cops
    with tasers have trouble subduing!
    Remember, gays don’t have to
    stay bound to their slavery. Their emancipation is found in a 5-letter
    name starting with J (no, not James or Julia). As soon as they can find
    out the all-powerful J name, gays will really start living! (Google
    “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans,” and “The Background Obama Can’t
    Cover Up.”)
    Was Jesus silent about gays? Google ” ‘Jesus Never Mentioned Homosexuality.’ When gays have birthdays….”

    • guest

      Where’s lulzpdx happenstance on this? Has this chirpy bird moved on from where diss person assets and/or sits demigod and spiel-bound, warmed by the fires of computer chips assuring her a New World Order is her beast choice.

    • Yecho!

      Homophobic or sodophobic! Which term more describes the angst of those in turned off by misnomers like ‘gay’ and/or ‘moist cake making.’

      • Yecho

        ‘gay’ (fudge packing) for brevity slake.

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