Walmart health plans better than Obamacare


by NW Spotlight

The Washington Examiner has a good article on how the health plans offered by Walmart are cheaper and offer more coverage than Obamacare. The article talks about the better cost of the Walmart plans:

A Journal of the American Medical Association analysis from September showed that unsubsidized Obamacare enrollees will face monthly premiums that are five to nine times higher than Walmart premiums.

  • JAMA found the unsubsidized premium for a nonsmoking gouple age 60 can cost $1,365 per month versus the Walmart cost of about $134 for the same couple.
  • The medical journal reported a 30-year-old smoker would pay up to $428 per month, in contrast to roughly $70 each month for a Walmart employee.
  • A family of four could pay a $962 premium, but the same Walmart family member would pay about $160.

The article also talks about the better coverage in the Walmart plans and provides this infographic showing how many more doctors and hospitals are available through the Walmart plans:


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  • Bob Clark

    Walmart serves a good role in most communities. It provides seniors with jobs, even if the pay is low (the paycheck helps supplement social security benefits, e.g.). It also stretches the family budget on a number of every day goods. It’s unfortunate cities like Portland have a vindictive against such discount stores when they actually help the less wealthy.

    I guess Walmart is just not very hip, and doesn’t have the blue blood money creed to qualify for city hall respect. Another case, where city hall should be ashamed of itself; but is too conceded to relate to streetwise creed.
    I don’t work for Walmart and never have (no shares in it either). But I do like a bargain as a consumer.

    • .

      The one thing I agreed with Sam Adams. No Walmart where better neighbors exist. And frankly, superior bargains @ Walmart are B.S.

      Personal evaluation from experiences from dealing with the Arkansas blather-er: Walmart, is a bully of a bully, and testimonials (not simply mine) posted on the web confirm it.

      Sublime note: Cincinnati, Ohio is farther from Oregon than Bentonville, AR – but the Kroger family better serves Oregon than the Waltonian empirical dynasty. Period!

  • Mack

    Anything would be better. Anything.

  • Jack Lord God

    Somehow the standard of beating Obamacare, a miserable law put on the national debt credit card, that most have been against since day one, that seems to have ten horror stories for every one story of someone helped,that someone almost always being someone who got on Medicaid – somehow that is setting an extremely low standard to beat.

    • Schwartzy

      Clearly you are a religious heretic who should be burned at the stake along with your words. Somehow the fact that Obama was reelected has failed to register in that thimble u call a mind. Just for you, we’re allowing Obama to be president for life. only in your mind, but forever. that way you can scream endlessly into the night. But no one will hear you because with Obamacare you will get good mental health care and you will be locked up in the most backward hall of the most backward state psychiatric hospital our fair state has to offer.
      Good luck with that.

      • .

        Schwartzy, cough-cough, absolutely no relation to the good Desert Storm General who would term the poster here as releasing ‘unsphincterd’ bovine scatology.

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