Sen. Bruce Starr standing firm on gun rights

Sen. Starr

Sen. Starr

by NW Spotlight

Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene) is reintroducing the flawed background check bill, SB 700-A (2013), as a Senate Judiciary Committee bill for the February Oregon legislative session, with some anticipated minor modifications.

It is a disappointing departure from last session’s bipartisan work to enhance mental health treatment as the best way to prevent gun-related tragedies. Additionally, the bill unnecessarily burdens law abiding citizens, law enforcement, and active military.

Sen. Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) told the Oregonian today that Sen. Ginny Burdick (D-Portland) and Sen. Floyd Prozanski “haven’t shared the revived gun control bill with Republicans,” but that Starr will oppose them in February. “I’m not supporting any of the bills that Burdick and Prozanski are working on or are planning to send to the Senate floor,” Starr said.