Public Sector Vs. Private Sector – Who Wins?

For those of you who think our government is well-positioned to manage health care you might just want to consider how well the government manages higher education.

In Oregon, it’s pretty easy to see. Just pull out a copy of the latest US News and World Report and take a look at the college rankings. Here is what you will find:

Best Liberal Arts Colleges:
Reed College — 49th
Willamette University — 62nd
Lewis and Clark — 79th

Best Universities — Master’s:
University of Portland — 10th in the West Region

Best Baccalaureate Colleges:
Corban College — 4th in West Region
Warner Pacific — 12th in West Region

Now for the list of Oregon public universities from US News and World Report from any category, any ranking, any region, and any number placement to 100:

Oregon Institute of Technology – 42nd Best Undergraduate Engineering