Tootie Smith, unlike Schrader, to take responsibility for her votes

Tootie Smith 2012_thb

Tootie Smith for Congress

Molalla, OR – In a district‐wide media tour, Clackamas County Commissioner Tootie Smith announced her plans to run for Congress in Oregon’s 5th district against Democrat Kurt Schrader.  Beginning in Marion County at Aurora Aviation, Tootie traveled to Salem’s Court Street Dairy, then on to Adair Village Community Center in Benton County and completed her tour at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Lincoln County.

“The places I chose to announce my candidacy today show my commitment to the middle class, to job creation and to small businesses across this district.  These are the people still struggling, who desperately need a voice in Congress,” said Tootie. “I’m with them.”  

At several appearances Tootie said, “I’m running for Congress because Kurt Schrader said on local television that the president misled him on the healthcare bill, a bill he voted for but did not read or understand. I will work to repeal and replace Obamacare.  And I will take full responsibility for all my votes.”

“We’ve seen a huge decline economically, and we can’t continue down this unsustainable path of spending more than we take in,” stated Tootie. “It’s time that Oregonians have a Representative in Congress who is committed to getting us back on track.

“I look forward to meeting new people across the district, hearing their personal stories, and learning how I can help the people of Oregon in Washington, DC,” said Tootie.

Tootie Smith was first elected to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners in 2012. Prior to being elected to the Board, Smith was a State Representative from 2001 to 2005.

Smith is also a fourth generation hazelnut farmer and small business owner. She and her husband reside in the Mulino‐area, and their daughter is a recent college graduate. Smith is passionate about community service and regularly volunteers for St. Mary’s Church, the Molalla Centennial Committee and various other local causes.

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