OLCC may end happy hour ad ban.

KATU reports, “Happy hour in Oregon is legal but advertising it is not. Bar owners said the ban hurts them especially in the current economic environment. They said they need all the help they can get, and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission agrees: It is considering dropping a two-decade old ban on ads for discounted drinks. The reason? The OLCC regulatory director, Linda Ignowski, said the ban is difficult to enforce, evidenced by looking at the Internet.”Practically every Web site you go to will have a happy hour,” said Ignowski. “That’s advertising outside the premises. Blogs Facebooks, how do we control that? It’s time to question where that’s valid anymore.”

Notice how OLCC does not say that this is the right thing to do, but rather they say that they are just giving up because they cannot enforce it.

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  • Max

    We obviously need to get people to drink and drive more so our economy picks up. This is all good news.

  • CTLostaglia

    Oh brother, get real. People drink and drive because of happy hour? No, I think people drink and drive because they make the decision to drink and then get in the car and turn the key.

    I believe there is a law in every state of this union that says if you drive drunk, you’re busted. What the hell good is a ban on happy hour?

    It just hurts business and gives the government reign over something they should get the hell out of.

    I can’t ever understand how people actually WANT the government governing their personal lives…it’s sickening.

  • Joey Link

    CTLostaglia hit the nail on the head.

    OLCC is a waste of tax dollars and needs to be abolished.

    • The geezer

      Add my vote to abolishing OLCC. Boy could I tell you some storys, starting with the OLCC guy coming through the door waving a paper hollering for all to here “I’ve got you now”. He lost by the way

  • David Gulliver

    We need less government regulation, not more. I am in favor of the OLCC rolling back as much bureaucracy as possible.

    PS – Hi, Cass!!! 🙂

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