OLCC Coasters Could be Used to Bust Bars

Thanks through a grant from the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is distributing over 100,000 trivia coasters to bars and taverns statewide. The coasters give both random alcohol trivia along with helpful law enforcement information. Many see this as an expansion of the nanny state.

I thought it was interesting that three of the questions are designed to help bust the bar for which the coasters are featured. Here are the three sample questions.

In Oregon, businesses that serve hard liquor (distilled spirits) must have food available:
A. For a minimum of 2 hours at lunch time and for 3 hours at dinner time.
B. Only when a cook is on duty.
C. At all times when alcohol is being served. (Businesses that serve
only beer, wine and cider are not required to offer food but are encouraged to do so.
D. On a schedule agreed upon by the licensee and the OLCC.

Servers or bartenders are allowed to serve a Visibly Intoxicated Person (VIP):
A. If there is a designated driver who will be taking the VIP home.
B. If the staff knows the VIP lives nearby and will be walking home.
C. If the VIP orders food along with the alcoholic beverage.
D. It is never legal to serve alcohol to a VIP or to allow a VIP to continue drinking alcohol.

When is it legal for a server or bartender to drink on duty?
A. When they are on a break.
B. When a customer purchases a drink for them.
C. If some other employee makes or serves the drink to them.
D. It is never legal to drink alcohol on duty.