Website launched to stop the gas tax increase

A citizen referendum petition drive has been started to refer the gas tax to voters. The official website is called

You can even download petitions from the site.

The Democrat Herald had this must-read editorial;“HB 2001 is a huge amalgamation of requests by the Kulongoski administration, the Democratic majority in the legislature and individual legislators who managed to get millions of dollars of construction earmarks into the bill. The summary of the bill gives no clue as to its substance. But if you read it, you learn that it covers everything from cookies at freeway rest areas to a jump in the state fuel tax. It also calls for a very involved new land use process in metropolitan areas in order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced when people drive around to work to shop. (Imagine the additional restrictions on where people can move or live if that effort results in new plans with “goals” that have the force of law.)” Full story here.

Act soon because there are only a few weeks left to gather signatures.