Lars Larson: Evil deeds of the Associated Press

A few thoughts about the oldest news organization in the world and its evil deeds this week.

I used to love the Associated Press. It was the “wire service”. I first became acquainted with it when I was sixteen and started working in radio. That was about thirty-five years ago.

These days the Associated Press as far as I’m concerned is an evil organization. It may be the oldest news organization in the world but it does some lousy things.

Last week, right before the Labor Day weekend, we found out about one of the worst things you could have done. An Associated Press photographer was taking pictures of soldiers on a mission. One of the soldiers was hit, unfortunately, by a rocket propelled grenade. He died later in a hospital.

On the battlefield an Associated Press photographer took his picture as his fellow soldiers tried to save his life. His father begged the AP not to publish the photo. The AP said, “We’re going to do it anyway”.

Just file that into consideration the next time you pick up a newspaper or listen to any report from the Associated Press.

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