Lars Larson: Evil deeds of the Associated Press

A few thoughts about the oldest news organization in the world and its evil deeds this week.

I used to love the Associated Press. It was the “wire service”. I first became acquainted with it when I was sixteen and started working in radio. That was about thirty-five years ago.

These days the Associated Press as far as I’m concerned is an evil organization. It may be the oldest news organization in the world but it does some lousy things.

Last week, right before the Labor Day weekend, we found out about one of the worst things you could have done. An Associated Press photographer was taking pictures of soldiers on a mission. One of the soldiers was hit, unfortunately, by a rocket propelled grenade. He died later in a hospital.

On the battlefield an Associated Press photographer took his picture as his fellow soldiers tried to save his life. His father begged the AP not to publish the photo. The AP said, “We’re going to do it anyway”.

Just file that into consideration the next time you pick up a newspaper or listen to any report from the Associated Press.

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  • Jerry

    What worthless pieces of human garbage.

  • JG Hitzert

    It was a women and she was in the thick of it with the soldiers. I have to respect that don’t I?

    • Steve Plunk

      Respect the imbedded photographer but realize the editors showed tremendous disrespect by not honoring the father’s wishes. That’s what this is about, those this young man left behind and the anguish they endure.

      • Anonymous

        Respect the embedded photographer my ass. An embedded photographer is nothing but an unnecessary, undue and dangerous burden on the soldiers. I wonder how many soldiers have been killed or maimed protecting these war tourists

        • JG Hitzert

          Without someone there to record it how would anyone know of the glory and heroism of these soldiers? Ernie Pyle among hundr.eds of others have joined with combat troops to record and honor their heroism. While you do not even have the courage to comment under your own name.

  • Judy

    The Ass. Press stated the people have a right to know what is going on, is what i heard on tv. I agree, it is just plain evil + insane! Sicko’s.

  • JG Hitzert

    What is truly evil is to deny recognition to this young mans glory and heroism by trying to hide him like something to be ashamed of. Instead of being one of the nameless dead we can recognize and celebrate heroism and look squarely at the cost of war. What could be more American. You should think in terms of General Patton instead of filtering your view of war as something shameful that should be hidden away. You sound like a bunch of hippies.

    • v person

      I have to agree with JG. It is combat, war, and people die. That is certainly newsworthy, and photo journalism has always included disturbing images. Previous wars had their share.

      • Steve Plunk

        If that’s the case why did all major news agencies fail us on 9/11? Pictures and video of people jumping from the buildings was deemed “too disturbing” by the press and to this date they choose to withhold those horrific images in order to not inflame passions.

        The father request to not publish should have been honored. The photographer didn’t make the call, editors did.

        • v person

          Your memory differs from mine. I saw plenty of “disturbing images” after 9/11, including photos of people who jumped to the their deaths rather than burn. Powerful stuff. More lasting than any editorial.

          I remember as a kid looking at a Life book on WW2 images, and the concentration camp photos etched right into my brain, as did the Frenchman tearing up at the German tanks rolling through Paris. I’ll always remember these, and even though they were and are disturbing, they got the point across better than anything else could have.

          Yes, the editors made the call. That is their job. I don’t agree that the father should have had veto power over what gets published. It was up to the editors to decide whether his request out weighted the public’s right to see the image. This was a US soldier mortally wounded in combat. We have had many similar images published over the years and they remind us of the price of war better than any other means of communication. The media’s job is to inform us with the truth, and that is what they did here. Cut them some slack for doing their job.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    AP showing this photo against family wishes? – shameful, not funny.

    Journalists sitting around wondering why they get no respect as revenues plummet? – funny.

    Newspapers and journalists shutting down and out of work because they couldn’t do the math? – really really funny.

    What’s funnier than a newly laid off journalist?

    A newly laid off journalist trying to explain why not releasing a rape victims name is the right thing to do, but releasing this photo is.

    For extra giggles, take the laid off journalists last dollar while he is all confused and go buy something pointless with it.

  • JG Hitzert

    I remain unmoved. Families grieve and I understand that but this man lost his life killing the enemy so we might sleep safely. You want to equate his heroism with a crime victim or hide his valor away, no sir.

    Americans celebrate the heroism of our troops and applaud them as individuals. We do not give out medals anonymously, so why should this young man remain so? The man’s name was Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard and you should damn well look at what he gave up for this country. To ignore it is disgraceful. Since when do we ask our heroes to fall unrecognized?

    Have our values been so convoluted by rancor that we would applaud some partisan hack like Lars Larson in order to feed his fame and not herald. elevate and make known the name of Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard? What the hell is wrong with this picture?

    • Rupert in Springfield

      I think the sarcasm really doesnt work well here Jerry.

      • Jerry

        What are you even talking about?
        The AP is a joke.

        • Rupert in Springfield


          • v person

            There has been around 150 journalists killed covering the wars in Iraq and Afganistan to date. Calling them “a joke” is more than distrespectul of the risks they take to get us images and stories about these wars.

  • Bluesman

    We have decided to limit our exposure to the AP and the Oregonian. We dropped the Sunday edition. In E. Oregon what the big “O” has going on does not resonate much here. It has become such a mouthpiece for the left and sections such as Travel were just rehashes of stories we have seen for several years. Unfortunately, the printed press is a not doing anything to remedy it’s own demise.

  • CT

    If AP can self-censor themselves to not run a cartoon of mohommed, then they can sure as hell honor the wishes of a Marine’s parents. That is of course unless they are rooting for our enemies. In that case, Lars is right.

  • My, myself and I

    What do you call 100 AP journalists at the bottom of the ocean?

    A good start.

  • Jerry

    AP is finished. It is just a matter of time now.

  • dave

    Whine whine whine. AP did nothing wrong here.

    They regurgitate a gobs of rightwing propaganda and THAT is evil … but trying to cover a war-for-the-corporations without showing deaths is not possible (unless you want to hide the truth).

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