Has Rep. Jim Thompson changed his views on marriage?

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by NW Spotlight

A little over a month ago a new group, Freedom Oregon, announced that they were supporting changing the Oregon Constitution to allow same-sex couples to marry in Oregon. The group identified itself as a “coalition of Republicans and center-right Independent and non-affiliated voters who are committed to helping pass Oregon’s Freedom to Marry initiative in the 2014 election cycle.”

State Rep. Jim Thompson (R-Dallas) was listed as one of the leadership team of Freedom Oregon.

That’s a change for Rep. Thompson.

In the 2012 Oregon Family Council Voter’s Guide, Rep. Thompson stated that he opposed overturning the current definition of marriage in the Oregon Constitution as being between one man and one woman.

It also is at odds with his position on his web site, where he states that he is “a firm believer in traditional marriage.”

UPDATE: Sometime between 3-13-2014 and 3-17-2014, Rep. Thompson changed the Issues page on his web site to drop the support of traditional marriage (it had said “I am pro-life, a firm believer in traditional marriage”).