Lars Larson: Obamacare being used to attack marriage

by Lars Larson

The Obama administration uses the new healthcare law to attack marriage

Hard to believe, but the Obama administration is using the new healthcare law to attack marriage. A brand new report shows that married couples are going to pay a whole lot more money under Obamacare. 7 million, mostly single people, aren’t going to pay income taxes on their health care benefits at all, but married couples will get only 14% of that benefit.

The report actually says that only 2 million couples out of 60 million nationwide will benefit from the insurance subsidies, and half of the beneficiaries of the new tax credit for healthcare will be unmarried individuals without dependent children.

Is there a political message here? That’s a direct attack on marriage. Not only that, but we already know that the Obama administration wants to bring back the marriage penalty, where married couples pay more money, simply because they’re married, on their income taxes. It doesn’t make sense and the President should answer for it.


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