Last minute tax sneak attack!

SB 1534-B: Last minute tax attack!Watchdog
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

SB 1534-B has been amended to increase taxes on small business by changing the out-of-state income rates for business.   Not only is this a back-door tax but a paperwork nightmare for businesses who would have to identify the geographic location of their income with some income being taxed differently.   Do you know which of your customers come from Vancouver versus Portland?  The fact that this is happening during the last few days (or hours) of Session means there is a real-life risk of a swift tax attack on Oregon business to steal away their tax relief set by the 2013 Legislature. This tax would help boost government coffers (maybe to fund their 13% growth and $11 billion PERS crisis). David Gomberg tried a few weeks ago to hit small business with a tax increase with his bill HB 4067. Gomberg’s tax plans may succeed in a different form with SB 1534-B.

There has been a lot of discussion during the Oregon Legislative Session to make friendly and small logistical changes to the “Grand Bargain” which passed in October 2013. For the tax lobby, that opportunity has created a window to sneak in a tax increase. SB 1534-B is that tax. Knowing that we are at the end of Session means that such taxes may be passed with as little public notice or involvement as possible.

If you care call your lawmaker ASAP :

Tell them to vote NO on any surprise tax increases on SB 1534!

1-800-332-2313 — Toll Free Legislative Call #

More on State Representative David Gomberg’s Business Tax Attack Bill here – Hb 4067.