Rep. McLane disappointed by limits on local pot dispensary regulations

Mike McLane_thb

Oregon House Republican Office

Salem, OR – Rep. Mike McLane (R – Powell Butte), the House Republican Leader, issued the following statement regarding SB 1531 ‘C’ limiting pot dispensary bans by local governments:

“I am disappointed that legislation giving our local communities the certainty they need to regulate dispensaries of medical marijuana as they choose was killed by political games. Now Oregonians and their communities must continue in uncertainty because of a 14-month sunset on local control.”

  • Jack Lord God

    Personally I have no idea why, if we accept the notion that marijuana is a legitimate prescription drug, it has a whole separate distribution from other prescription drugs? Seems to me our entire approach to this is wrong. Of course I also think the entire thing is a sham. We should just simply admit what we are doing and legalize marijuana for recreational use and stop this farce of a dispensary system.

  • Myke

    @Jack, though I agree with your premise, I still would prefer that the government just stay out of the pot business.