Horse-drawn Carriage Regulation Needed

The mayor’s brave call for regulation of horse-drawn carriages is absolutely necessary and must be enacted by the Revenue Bureau. However, the reason is not because of the recent death of a horse, but rather due to the pollution and wanton carbon-based warming caused by horse travel.

It is estimated that the energy requirements to grow the food necessary to feed a horse for a day exceed those required to travel over 60 miles in a large car (World Society for Prevention of Global Warming – 15 MPG). Additionally, the horse expels dangerous, global warming contributing gases that, over the course of 24 hours, contribute as much to warming as a that same large car driven another 40 miles.

It is very easy to see now, with the facts before us, that one day in the life of a horse contributes as much to global warming as a large car driven 100 miles. It seems that few horse-drawn carriages would ever travel 100 miles in one day, so they are worse than large cars with regard to the amount they pollute.

Additionally, the horse is known to expel more than just gas — and horse dung has been shown to release warming gases as it breaks down.

Portland may view itself as a quaint little town with the romantic horse-drawn carriages, whereas, in reality, it is a quaint little town that is polluting itself to death.

It is hoped that the mayor’s call for regulations will drive these polluters off the streets and out of our city for good.