Latest: The Oregonian gets sued

Continue reading.As reported in the Willamette Week this morning,

“Perhaps it was only a matter of time before The Oregonian got sued over which employees were allowed to take last year’s buyout offers. It was generous of the paper’s New Jersey-based owners to offer two years’ salary and benefits to most employees who had worked at the paper more than 10 years and agreed to walk away. Employees who had between five and 10 years’ tenure were offered one year’s salary and bennies. But given the increasingly desperate state of the newspaper business, the sheer number of workers involved, and the paper’s decision to extend the buyout to some employees but not to others, it comes as little surprise that some workers would feel burned watching colleagues floating away in a comfy raft while they were left behind on the ship.Career Oregonian ad clerk James Bixler has become the first to file suit over the buyout, claiming he was wrongfully denied the offer and then later had his salary slashed.” Continue reading.