Dorchester poll results: Marriage, NSA, Afghanistan

dorchester-voteDorchester poll results are in on on same-sex marriage ballot measure, NSA spying policies & troop withdraw from Afghanistan
By Dorchester update

Over 675 paid delegates attended the 50th anniversary of Dorchester, making it a near record year for the conference.  Three key issues stood out.   The first was on the emerging ballot measure that legalizes same-sex marriages in Oregon, the second was opposition to the National Security Agency polices on collecting personal data on citizens and the third issue was about removing troops from Afghanistan in 2014.

1.  Same-Sex Marriage Measure
Support – Yes 59% (233 votes)
Oppose – No 41% (162 votes)

2. On removing all troops from Afghanistan in 2014
Support – Yes 63%
Oppose – No 37%

3. Opposition to NSA collecting personal data, phone records
Support – No 26%
Oppose – Yes 74%

(by JW)