Oregon House candidate suspends award winning talk radio show

Bill Post for State Rep_thb

Bill Post for State Representative

Keizer, OR – Earlier today, candidate for State Representative Bill Post, due to FCC rules and election laws, suspended his award winning and highly rated daily talk radio show on 1430 KYKN radio. “This is an expected development and a sacrifi­ce I planned for and am willing to make for the opportunity to represent the people of House District 25,” Bill Post commented. “I love talking on the radio and will miss it greatly. I will remain Program Director and Operations Manager at 1430 KYKN, the leading Conservative talk radio station in the Mid-Willamette Valley.”

“While I will miss the daily interaction with my listeners and Oregon opinion makers, I relish the continued opportunity to discuss what is important to the residents of Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg via my daily ‘Oregon Political Commentary’ which will be available at my website http://www.billpost.us

Bill Post concluded, “I love Oregon and I am inspired to seek public office in part because of the assault on the conservative values that so many of us in House District 25 hold dear.”

Bill Post is a candidate for State Representative in House District 25. Bill and his wife are long-time residents of Keizer.