Stimulus Bill Creates 25,000 Jobs…for the Government

From Americans for Tax Reform,

The “stimulus” package has contributed to the growth of the federal payroll, which has grown by 25,000 since December of 2008, USA TODAY reports. The increased taxpayer burden is $106.75 billion. 25,000 government jobs have been created since December of 2008. Assuming that these government workers are GS8 (mid-level) employees, they are paid $4.27 million over their career (Click here for methodology). This equals an increased taxpayer burden of $106,750,000,000.00. The math is as follows:

25,000 federal workers X $4.27 million = $106,750,000,000.00

“Recessions are temporary. Hiring a government worker is permanent. We will be paying for the “˜stimulus’ package for the next fifty years,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. “The government always favors permanent expenditures to solve temporary problems.”

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  • Max

    Democrats – people who take money from those who work and give it to those who don’t.
    Simple as that.
    And wrong!

    • Globals

      all good things


    superb article . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    This makes sense. Democrats are the party of public employees and big government and they’re in charge.
    If it weren’t for public employee unions Democrats would not be in control.
    In Oregon few of them would get elected without the union support.

  • Guy

    Before I render an opinion on this issue, can someone please fix the “methodology” link?

    • lilikindsli

      WxXaP0 I want to say – thank you for this!

      • lilikindsli

        lXMx42 I want to say – thank you for this!

  • Guy

    Hm. Found the methodology on the ATR website after all. Looks like there have been a few discretionary tweaks made to these figures:

    1. First, these numbers include replacing aging federal employees who retire. These are not all new positions. As stated on ATR’s own website, the point of this data is to call for attrition to the existing workforce — not to bemoan new positions. An interesting debate as well, but hardly representative of the context.

    2. The “average” lifetime salary of $4.27 million is based on the median — not the mean — of the federal employee pay scale. There are many more GS-1’s than GS-15’s, but ATR descided to use GS-8 as an “average” for some arbitrary reason while that’s not really statistically relevant.

    3. It plainly says “all figures are nominal,” meaning that they’ve regularly increased for inflation to bump the numbers up… Of course the figure that we’re looking at though is assumed to be in today’s dollars.

    It’s an interesting point that this article tried to make. I’d be interested in seeing what the actual figures were year to year… Especially the increases, considering that the data add in the cost of hiring new workers to fill opened positions, but fail to subtract the savings that those opened positions created. You can’t have it both ways. (I mean, you could, but your numbers would be meaningless.)

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