Stimulus Bill Creates 25,000 Jobs…for the Government

From Americans for Tax Reform,

The “stimulus” package has contributed to the growth of the federal payroll, which has grown by 25,000 since December of 2008, USA TODAY reports. The increased taxpayer burden is $106.75 billion. 25,000 government jobs have been created since December of 2008. Assuming that these government workers are GS8 (mid-level) employees, they are paid $4.27 million over their career (Click here for methodology). This equals an increased taxpayer burden of $106,750,000,000.00. The math is as follows:

25,000 federal workers X $4.27 million = $106,750,000,000.00

“Recessions are temporary. Hiring a government worker is permanent. We will be paying for the “˜stimulus’ package for the next fifty years,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. “The government always favors permanent expenditures to solve temporary problems.”