Lack of Hurricanes Proof of Global Warming

The 2009 hurricane season has gone missing. No hurricanes have made landfall in the United States and we are well past the halfway point in the season. How can this be? Many experts had planned on 7 to 9 major hurricanes making landfall in the US this year. Others were more modest in predicting 3 to 4. The Weather Channel staff still has their Columbia Sportswear Storm jackets hanging at the ready, praying for some action. But, nothing.

How can global warming, proved now beyond a doubt, cause fewer hurricanes? It is actually quite simple. Global warming causes El Nino to intensify, which increases the vertical wind shear across the tropical Atlantic. The increased wind shear greatly reduces Atlantic basin hurricane activity.
So, global warming has actually REDUCED the chances of hurricanes forming and/or making landfall in the United States.

Before we paint our roofs white, shoot seawater into the sky to make fake reflective clouds, crush all our cars and ride our bikes, paint all our asphalt highways white, switch all our light bulbs to toxic, mercury-filled compact fluorescent bulbs, turn our thermostats up in summer and down in winter, ride the light rail, or any of the many other actions to reduce global warming we might want to rethink all that.

Global warming this year has saved lives and countless billions of dollars in hurricane damage that never was. That is a fact.