National media spotlights Jason Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

With the Primary Election right around the corner, Jason Conger has been picking up momentum with national conservative media outlets. On Tuesday described Jason Conger as the conservative anti-establishment candidate in the Oregon Senate race.  The article pointed out that Jason clearly represents the traditional values of the GOP, unlike his opponent.

The article highlights Jason Conger’s incredible story and conservative values, and criticizes the DC establishment for picking pro-choice candidate Monica Wehby.

“…Conger’s success story is just as worthy of an endorsement. The Harvard Law graduate worked his way through law school after being abandoned by his mother and enduring periods of homelessness. More importantly, however, he’s right on the issue of life.” also pointed out that a large portion of Monica’s support comes from outside Oregon, which may imply a lack of support from conservatives in Oregon.

“Meanwhile, 40 percent of Monica Wehby’s itemized contributions have come from out-of-state, suggesting conservatives in her own state are not too enthralled with her policy stances.“

The message is clear: Oregonians do not want the DC establishment candidate, Oregonians want the people’s candidate. Jason Conger is not the DC establishment candidate – instead he has been endorsed by Oregon Republican leaders across the state and conservative grassroots organizations like Oregon Right to Life and Oregon Firearms Federation.

Gayle Atteberry, the executive director of Oregon Right to Life, made Oregon’s position clear in a special message for the GOP establishment: “I have a simple request: Stay out of our state, and let us choose the best person to represent our values to be on the ballot this November.” argues that, “Oregon needs someone who will fight for ALL Oregonians – including those in the womb.”

We have a unique opportunity to defeat Jeff Merkley this election, but we cannot do it by compromising our conservative principles, and we won’t do it by letting DC pick our candidate for us. If you agree please support Jason Conger.

Recently, Jason was also featured on the Dennis Miller Show and in a RedState op-ed.

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  • guest

    Cutting out the malarkey, Conger beats the best Dem metastasizing Oregon over, yet can a waffling RINO stand out over a neurosurgeon in the US Senate operations ward?

  • MrBill97702

    I saw the Townhall article last week and I live in Congers district. I think there are some good reasons why people should support Conger over Wehby.

    1. He’s been elected twice, even after the the Secretary of State (a
    democrat) reapportioned his district to be even more heavily democratic
    than it was previously.

    2. Having two terms in the Oregon House, he has legislative experience that Wehby lacks.

    He has a pretty compelling life story that does not fit the stereotype
    of the rich republican who doesn’t care about people in need.

    4. In debates, he has consistently come out on top.

    problem in Oregon is that there is a sizeable majority who
    instinctively vote democrat. Even though Oregonians feel the same about
    Obamacare as everyone else, and even though Merkley was one of those
    who introduced the bill, a lot of people will vote for him anyway.
    Either candidate will be fighting against that.

    If Wehby wins, I will definitely support her in the general election. But going the
    democrate-lite route (which is what Wehby represents) has been tried a number times in the state, and has
    consistently failed. I say we should try a real conservative who is
    also a real person. That’s Conger.

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