Senator Jackie Dingfelder on key global warming question

From Jim Karlock,

In our representative form of government, we elect Senators and Representatives to do what we can’t: take the time to carefully study issues before making decisions that will have vast consequences.

While one might sympathize with a Senator who is not fully conversant with the science underpinning major legislation, how much sympathy can we have for someone who hasn’t learned the basics that all agree upon, has no patience for the all important details, and won’t listen to other sides of a crucial issue? How much sympathy should we have for a Senator who, after receiving information months ago, still hasn’t bothered to check to see if she missed something?

I ran into such a Senator last night. Senator Dingfelder is one of the foremost proponents of Global Warming hysteria in Oregon and yet doesn’t even know the most basic of facts: water vapor, not carbon dioxide, is responsible for the majority of the greenhouse effect. Water vapor is, by far, the major climate gas. Everyone who has lived in a warm humid climate or experienced a humid day in Portland knows that water vapor keeps the air from cooling down at night. That’s the real greenhouse effect. Of course, this Senator had no idea what percentage of the greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor versus carbon dioxide. She should know something because she chairs the Oregon State Senate hearings on Global Warming that have been trying to implement sweeping carbon ‘Cap and Trade’ legislation that will further cripple the Oregon economy.

Senator Dingfelder remains ignorant because she refuses to do her homework. After the meeting she expressed no interest in learning any real science.

Is this the sort of Senator who should be representing us, let alone making decisions that need to be based on real knowledge?

Perhaps this a clue as to why Oregon has so many self defeating laws, rules & regulations — the people who write them adamantly refuse to learn even the most basic facts about the issues?

Did you notice that the two State Representatives in this short clip were similarly clueless?

Oregon needs higher quality Senators and Representatives, trained and interested in more than political combat and correctness.