Lawmakers on Right Track with Elimination Talks on Kicker

Oregon lawmakers are finally stepping up to the plate and taking a stand against the ill-conceived Oregon “kicker” law that returns surplus taxes collected by the state that are not needed by the state. When a state has too much money, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to give it back to the people.

After all, with things going the way there are lately, who knows if and when the state might need that money? If they give it back to the people, they won’t have it when they need it. It only stands to reason, then, that this silly law be repealed by either the legislature themselves or by a vote of the peoples.

Oregon needs the money for programs that help the residents of the state, such as: rural studies, student assistance, liquor control, housing and community services, cultural trust, arts programs, healthcare support, gambling addiction, and many others.

Without adequate funding the state could not offer positions like these: financial investigator, fiscal analyst, painter, scientific instrument technician, public affairs specialist, group life coordinator, compliance specialist, operations and policy analyst, safety specialist, and many other valuable positions, without which the state would not work.

So, I urge all of you to contact your legislative representatives and tell them to “Keep the Kicker”. When times are tough Oregonians have a history of helping each other out. To get a refund from the state when the state needs the money is like refusing to pay more for the Oregonian. Simply un-Oregonian like.