Gas tax petition revived, new global warming movie, and more

The Oregon Executive Club meeting was packed with standing room only on Wednesday night. Here are some highlights:

Gas Tax Petition: Don McIntire shared on a new petition gathering signatures that would require voter approval for large transportation increases like gas taxes and auto-fees which many have doubled this year alone.

New movie: Cascade Policy Institute debuted their new movie Climate Chains. See trailer here.

Damascus petition: Dan Phegley shared on a new Damascus local petition that would require voter approval for all inter-government mandates to prevent citizens from being shut-out of decisions being forced upon them by Metro.

GPS Tax: Jason Williams shared on his national TV interview with CBN News over the Governor’s GPS car tax plan and how the crazy plan is being picked up by media outlets around the world.
Make an effort to visit the monthly Executive Club and catch up on all the great poliitcal news. The Oregon Executive Club mees on the first Wednesday of every month at the Portland Airport Shilo Inn at 6:30pm. Don’t miss it.