Portland Tribune endorses Dr. Monica Wehby

Dr Monica Wehby_thb

Dr. Monica Wehby for U. S. Senate

“Monica Wehby is the one Republican candidate most capable of mounting a credible November challenge.”

Today, the Portland Tribune Editorial Board announced their endorsement of Dr. Monica Wehby in the Republican primary. The endorsement emphasized the fact that Dr. Wehby is the only credible challenger to Jeff Merkley this Fall, writing that Monica will “give fits to U.S. Senator Merkley in November’s general election” and that, “When it comes to knowledge of the issues, Wehby can go deep when talking about health care, which Republicans hope to campaign on in the fall.”

The Portland Tribune also noted that nominating Dr. Wehby’s primary opponent, Jason Conger, would, “serve as a sacrificial offering to the well-funded Democratic incumbent.”

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