Lars Larson: Gays target judges involved with the Boy Scouts


by Lars Larson

Should judges be barred from being on the bench just because they’re associated with the Boy Scouts?

California is now proposing to make it unethical for a judge to be sitting on the bench judging cases if he’s associated with the Boy Scouts. The reason is, what I call the gay mafia has decided that they don’t like the fact that the Boy Scouts, while they do welcome homosexual members, do not allow homosexual scout leaders. And they don’t like that – they want the organization to change.

And just as they did with Mozilla – the private company where they forced out the CEO for having “the wrong” point of view about traditional marriage and gay marriage – they now want all those judges to disclaim any connection to the Boy Scouts.

I don’t think that makes any sense. We shouldn’t have that kind of political litmus test, or gay marriage litmus test to qualify to be on the bench. I just think its dead wrong and we shouldn’t be doing those kinds of ethical test for judges.