Poll: Kitzhaber 3% from losing race!

pollkitz2-2014National poll puts Gov. Kitzhaber within 3% of defeat by challenger Rep. Dennis Richardson
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

A nationally recognized political & public affairs polling firm, Harper Polling, recently released an Oregon poll showing incumbent Governor John Kitzhaber within 3% of losing his seat to challenger Rep. Dennis Richardson. The poll puts Gov. Kitzhaber at 46%, and Rep,. Dennis Richardson at 43%. A full 11% were undecided.   The poll represents a tidal wave of discontent for Governor Kitzhaber and a winning chance for challenger Rep. Dennis Richardson.

Kitzhaber has high disapproval

Another aspect of the poll put Kitzhaber’s image under the microscope. It showed that 42% of Oregonians had a negative view of Kitzhaber while only 44% had a favorable view. Kitzhaber is holding on to his approval rating by 2%. Roughly 14% were undecided. Richardson had a 69% “not sure” on his image. It must be noted that the poll was taken before Cover Oregon made national headlines for shutting down.


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