Cover Oregon: Out of the Frying Pan…

CascadeNewLogoRecently, after wasting more than $200 million in federal cash, Cover Oregon’s Board voted to pull the plug on Oregon’s failed ObamaCare health insurance exchange and go with the federal exchange technology as the “core” of its system. The first open enrollment period for Oregonians ended last week. Oregon hopes to be back in business using the federal technology when the next enrollment period opens up on November 15.

The only problem is that―as I testified before the Board―the Affordable Care Act states some nine times that only individuals signing up through “state established exchanges” qualify for federal tax credits to make their insurance premiums more “affordable.” Those using the federal exchange aren’t eligible for these credits, although the Obama Administration has ignored the clear wording of the law and granted them anyway.

On March 25 the Federal D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on this in the Halbig v. Sebelius case. One judge seemed to telegraph how he might rule by stating, “There is an absurdity principle, but there is not a stupidity principle. If the law is just stupid, I don’t think it’s up to the court to save it.”

If the courts eventually rule against granting tax credits to those using the federal exchange, Cover Oregon’s Board may have just pushed many Oregonians out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Steve Buckstein is founder and Senior Policy Analyst at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization.

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  • Popsicle

    Oh no, what am I going to do? I was trying and trying sign up and I NEED the help with the money end of things. I work as hard as I can doing my crafts, but no one will buy them at Saturday Market. I made small buildings out of popsicle sticks….which is very hard to do, I might add, but no one seems to appreciate them. I only ask $90 per building, which is very fair, as it takes me sometimes 50 hours to make just one building.
    So, I need all the assistance I can get from the government. This will certainly crimp my style…very sad day indeed for artists like me.

    • Jack Lord God

      If that doesn’t sum it up in a nutshell I don’t know what does. Hilarious and true. The one thing missing is the disdain such “artists” often have for those who go into mundane work because they actually have to pay bills, not only their own, but also for those riding in the wagon.

      • .

        “Hilarious and true” – Alt so? include PERSieveatory jackas-inine Hillary’s snit’uation’ caterwauling; T’wit, her belch’n Benghazi mistake- er’rection re-set butt, DUZ DUZ EveryThang to obfusccate commoner sense observations made out an udderwise tetesy fly milque toast fly by. D’oh my!

        • .

          In short, send all Dem Left Wing Marxist CON’d-munal social fascist-fleas packing outer to Kenya believe in sum udder galactic bargains, belay lay not intertwined amonst Cylvia’s Mahonial Hallerances.

  • Bob Clark

    This makes Dennis Richardson’s call for a legislative session before cover Oregon is turned off, instead of Kitzhaber issuing an illegal executive order killing it; all the more important.

    When your doctor keeps prescribing the wrong treatments over and over again as Kitzhaber as governor, when are the patients – Oregon voters – going to finally switch “doctors?” It is well past time to stop going with the same statists over and over again (Kitzhaber I, Kulongoski, Kitzhaber 2…enough is enough, already).

  • thevillagidiot

    This is the best description of politicians and politics in its full glory. The best of the best. the top of the mountian. If this is not enough to turn the entire legislative and executive branch into non liberal/progressive then we truly deserve the government we get. more taxes, more “economic equality”, more wealth redistribution.

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