Mitt Romney endorses Dr. Monica Wehby

Dr Monica Wehby_thb

Dr. Monica Wehby For U.S. Senate

“Dr. Wehby is the kind of leader Oregon needs — someone who has strong experience outside of government, who can bring trust and accountability back to Washington.”

-Mitt Romney

Portland, OR: Today, Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee for President and former Governor of Massachusetts, endorsed Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate in Oregon.

In a statement Governor Romney stated:

“I am proud to support Dr. Monica Wehby for Senate. Dr. Wehby is the kind of leader Oregon needs — someone who has strong experience outside of government, who can bring trust and accountability back to Washington. Dr. Wehby is putting forward a positive and conservative vision for her campaign that will make Oregonians proud. ”

In response to the endorsement, Dr. Monica Wehby made the following statement:

“I’m thrilled to receive Governor Romney’s endorsement and to have his confidence that our campaign can take back this senate seat in Oregon. He and I share in the belief that Washington, DC needs leaders who have excelled in fields other than politics – that the establishment of a permanent political class is not what our founders intended. When we began this journey not a lot of people thought Oregon would be competitive this November. With Governor Romney’s endorsement, Republicans all over the country will now know that Oregon’s US Senate seat is in play.”

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  • Bob Clark

    I want to vote for Wheby; but if she isn’t willing to debate Conger in a well lit public forum, then I feel I must vote for Conger.

    • guest

      I think it better Wheby debates Merkley if the Dems retain him.

      Conger’s remains superfluous for now. Yet for party slake, methinks Conger should consider changing party affiliation to Democrat and run on a write-in ticket to depose the May Day problem, aka, Merkley.

    • gullyborg

      Wehby has debated him 11 times. She also offered to do a live debate on Lars Larson, but Conger said no.

  • Selah

    Monica Wehby, IMO, the next best personage for Oregon since the Hatfield’s and McCalls. .

    A conservatively speaking commoner-sensed GOP member (not RINO plastic) – she has the skill and bedside manner to restore honor to our ‘estate’-of-affairs.

    Join with real Oregonians to honor her in the May primary with enthusiasm and ’emote’ her in – and, send ‘Jest Malarkey’ packing after the November selection.


    Okey donkey, appears Jason Conger, a good man, but in the wrong hunt.

    For surety slake, he’d make for a a more ‘palpable’ Secretary of State – bettor still, ascend to the governors chair – which May still be Primarily possible.

    Rally know! If DEMs would wise’n up to the dotty governor’s bovine scatology – and, render a hoot and haller to the kick the dictum boom blarh’d ed, over blown Ken Doll and CylviaSwainer out of office, common sense justice would certainly prevail.

    So, please, all you Dem primary voters: Hasten Jason Conger to be your write-in name, at-wart DEMonstrative alternative shoe-in by his haus votes and send the inDEMified ‘pied piker’ Kitz’n Cylvia Canoodlehead head lout…and from Fuehrer festering about the grounds of Mahonia Hall.

    Si, patrons? If’z not, then who ought be deported to “Travails Island” to Papillon out their next escapade while held and not misleading voters DEM sick and tired of CONtnued irrational attention.

    • Eric Blair

      I find your response about Wehby being of the same caliber as Hatfield and McCall in one breath, and denouncing RINOs in the next. What chance do you think that a Hatfield or McCall would have in the Republican party today? LOL.. are you aware of their legislative records?

      • Selah

        Dems accepted or tolerated them, then;
        Today the Dem’s fascist sways are subliminally ‘fallowing’ US into unsustainable Marxist/Socialist sink holes – aided and abetted by controlling powers in league with organized governmentium.
        Back in time, otherwise recognized as Nazionale Socialism schism.

        • Eric Blair

          Right.. Democrats and Nazi’s the same… or… Democrats and socialists or communists the same (you realize that the Fascists and the Socialists/Communists were different groups.. and that while socialists and communists had some common core beliefs, they were not the same thing as the Nazis. Oddly, in Weimar Germany and after, those groups recognized the differences and considered those differences to be significant – I’m not sure why so many conservatives in this country have difficulty with this.. but oh well).

          I know it’s much easier on the brain to mindlessly characterize the other side as being evil or perfidious: Nazi, Communist, Gaystapo, Gaymafia, all liberals, low-information voter, etc… But, you do so at the risk of having your comments being dismissed out of hand. Not that I think you actually care, or that you’re doing anything over than troll baiting. Which, of course, means I just fed the troll. But for reasons I don’t completely understand, I can’t seem to help but believe that you will consider changing your actions. Silly me.

          • Selah

            Fanciful you, outreach’n for a New World Order that would damn our sovereignty into a Revelations-erie slurry entailing our Coventry into something less than our founding fathers constituted for US

          • Eric Blair

            I guess if my choices are a New World Order or your Medieval World Christian Theocracy, I’ll take the New World Order thank you.

          • Selah

            Dunk you very munch, you d’oh nut hole in frogress, ribbit, ribbit!

          • .

            Ya know, every-time you reek you resound michael moore like 3H in sentence.

          • Feng Shoey

            3h, OMG, a winger diner up 4 road kill TV deli-crazies, snort of witch you really need to broom yourself outa here to pit in the smarmy of BlueOrgasm

          • .

            Know, overtly swilled ewe,Blairish Ramtardo!

  • Jack Lord God

    With both Conger and Wehby there is this unease that either one of them can’t wait to get in the Senate and join one of the dopey Gang of X groups that will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Obviously, in Oregon, you are always going to have the choice between a moderate Republican and a liberal Democrat and it is just disappointing only aisle jumpers have the possibility of winning election.

    To me Congers flaws seem to be support of the CRC and support of Cover Oregon. Whebys flaws seem to be a little bit less than definite on eliminating Obamacare.

    Frankly I think both are about the same and the only reason Conger has more flaws is that he has held office, thus a record.

    I really wish it didn’t always come down to this, a liberal Democrat who will only cross the aisle when its an issue of little consequence, or a moderate Republican who views working with Democrats to get liberal issues passed as a good thing.

    I get it, these guys come from a small state and love the press adoration that comes along with jumping in with Democrats. For once though I wish I could vote for someone I didn’t feel would sell out the second Cokie Roberts or Gwen Ifill calls.

  • gingey

    I hope Monica’s scalpel hasn’t slipped up as much as her inconsistent comments regarding’ O’Bama-Scare’. If she wins the primary, I will have a difficult time voting for her as she is naïve and wobbly as a possible Senator. I am disappointed that Romney endorses her. Conger is a man of values, knowledge of issues, and highly intelligent; and one who can stand up for Oregon. He is the man who should be endorsed by Romney.

    • .

      Bull slip from often your tongue!

    • Bully Aroma, Ucon O’ Bully

      Oh…you diil d’oh brine d in a swamp creep mit DNC nazionale Bolshevism gemixt!

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