NEW POLL: Wehby ahead of Merkley

Dr Monica Wehby_thb

Dr. Monica Wehby For U.S. Senate

Portland, OR: Friday, a new poll by DailyCaller/Vox Populi Polling shows the Oregon senate race between Dr. Monica Wehby and Sen. Jeff Merkley is a dead heat. Among those surveyed 40% planned on voting for Dr. Wehby and 39% for Sen. Merkley. When you include the leaners, Wehby is up 45% to 41% over Merkley.

In response to this new poll, Dr. Wehby’s campaign manager, Charlie Pearce, issued the following statement:

“This poll shows that Dr. Monica Wehby’s message is resonating, and that she is the Republican candidate with the best chance at defeating Jeff Merkley in November. Over the past three weeks voters have been introduced to Dr. Wehby through our TV, radio, and micro-targeted mail campaigns. This campaign has emphasized that Dr. Monica Wehby is a leader Oregonians can trust – that her credibility when it comes to saving our nation’s health care system is beyond dispute. Jeff Merkley lost a lot of trust and credibility in Oregon when he misled them about being able to keep their health insurance, and that the price of their insurance would decrease substantially. Accountability matters to the people of Oregon, and Jeff Merkley has spent the last seven months pointing fingers and blaming others instead of admitting he was wrong about the effects of Obamacare in Oregon.”