Oregonian slams Wehby for refusing to debate Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Rep. Jason Conger

Jason Conger for U.S. Senate

“Wehby wimps out on televised debate” ~ Oregonian Editorial Board

“If Team Wehby doesn’t consider her ready for the crucible of a live TV debate, why should Republican voters consider her ready for a race against incumbent Sen. Jeff Merkley? Or service in the Senate, for that matter? Is this what accountability will look like when Wehby is on the Hill?” – The Oregonian

Wehby has received a lot of criticism for refusing to debate Jason Conger, but none more scathing than from the Oregonian Thursday. Wehby recently turned down the primary’s only televised debate which was being put together by KGW and the Oregonian. KGW’s televised debate is considered a tradition for Oregon election years and would have been the only opportunity for many voters to see the candidates interact.

“Wehby’s campaign masterminds must reason she has a lot more to lose from a live, widely televised debate than to gain. That doesn’t say much about the campaign’s confidence in its candidate.” – The Oregonian

The Oregonian raises serious questions about Monica Wehby and, like anyone running for office, she owes voters open and honest answers. This is not the first time that Wehby has turned down opportunities to debate Jason Conger. Several other media outlets around Oregon have extended invitations for months including: Bill Lundun – KPNW, Jayne Carroll – KUIK, Lori Raab – KBND, Bill Meyers – KMED, and Craig Fronek – KCMX. Jason Conger has accepted every invitation to debate, including a debate proposed by Lars Larson on his talk radio show and a debate scheduled earlier this week that was conditioned on Lars Larson moderating. Which leaves people wondering what Monica may have to hide.

“Wehby should reconsider, and fast. Wimping out in this fashion will simply call attention to her one significant weakness as a candidate, which is a lack of legislative experience that might make her seem unprepared for elective office.” – The Oregonian

We hope that Monica will reconsider and agree to an honest, constructive conversation with Jason Conger. Republicans deserve a serious candidate who can make an articulate case for conservatives in 2014. We cannot do that by hiding from high profile debates. KGW is providing a platform for the GOP to spread its message to Oregonians. Conger is ready and willing to let voters see how he and Monica differ and why he is the best candidate to take on Jeff Merkley.

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